Never Never



Unsure about your ring size? No need to worry!

Get our Free Ring Sizer today to ensure you find the perfect size for your Never Never ring! 

  • Step 1. Order your at home Free Ring Sizer
  • Step 2. Size yourself up 
  • Step 3. Find your perfect ring to take your style to the next level
  • Step 4. Place your order with Never Never 

Why is this important? Our sizing packs provide an accurate way to help you figure out what size ring you need.


  • Your finger size will vary slightly throughout the course of any day. depending on the temperature. we recommend that you measure your finger during normal temperatures. 
  • Relax your hand, place the sizer on your finger, and tighten. when a ring fits properly it should slide on with a little resistance over the knuckle. if you size your ring to your knuckle, it will be too big on your finger so be sure to allow a little room to ensure a snug fit. we don't want the ring falling off.
  • If your ring arrives and initially seems to be a little too large or too small, we suggest you wear it for a few days to get used to it before reaching out for a different size. different activities throughout the day cause our fingers to change, so it's normal to have a ring feel tight sometimes and lose other times! wearing your new band for a few days will help you better gauge if your comfortable.
  • Proper ring sizing is more of a personal preference so see what feels right for you. different rings will fit in different ways depending on size and design.

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