Never Never



The LAXIS chain can be worn as a choker style or a more relaxed longer look. It has been formed with organic individual links, each solid individual section has its own subtle texture, feel and shape. One Never Never logo link at the end and the large clasp makes getting the chain on and off easy. The choker pairs perfectly with cuffs or any of our Never Never rings.


OUR VISION: The LAXIS chain is the one of NEVER NEVER's stand out pieces. Its our signature original neck chain that is made to turn heads. It's the perfect addition to a killer outfit, whether your on an all night rampage or a morning at church, the LAXIS will be your cornerstone.


INSPIRATION: Strong spirited branches intertwining with one another to create an unbreakable bond.


MATERIAL: Sterling Silver 925

We endeavour to have your orders out to you between 1 & 2 weeks. However, due to the current climate we ask for your patience when ordering as there can be slight delays. 


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