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The unisex STONE pendant chain has been created with a circular shaped centerpiece. An exaggerated opening above the pendant allows the chain to move freely and fall nicely down to the chest. A smooth, chic finish on one side and an uneven, textured surface on the other side. Sides can be changed to suit a particular look.


SIZE: Total length is 70cms (one size fits all). It's designed to be worn long, however you can easily adjust the look with the clasp to any link, to give the chain a tighter feel.

OUR VISION: This chain has been made to wear as a stand alone pendant, the center piece is our largest offering of the pendants and looks killer paired with our organic shaped cuffs.


INSPIRATION: Stepping stones or stepstones are sets of stones arranged to form a simple pathway or bridge. They   are likely to have been one of the earliest forms of crossing inland masses of water devised by humans. Today they are a way explorers navigate bodies of uncharted territory, unanticipated waterways or torrents.


MATERIAL: Sterling Silver 925

The STONE pendant is designed to sit at the mid chest. If your wanting a tighter look you can easily adjust the clasp on the chain for your desired look!

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