Never Never


This powerful gold ring has been created based on vedic astrology principles. The smooth comfortable band flows around to our uniquely designed enclosed setting. The texture we have created around the crown was envisioned to be subtle rollings hills folding in on each other leading up to the crown. Natural mountains with a beautiful gemstone sitting on the peak.

Jyotisha refers to the ancient Indian system of astronomy and astrology, which is also known as Vedic Astrology by millions of practitioners worldwide.

The Vedas, the oldest Indian scriptures, contain several references for the use of gems in ceremonial rituals and everyday life. They describe the powers of precious stones to influence subtle energies and connect the Earth to the rest of the universe. Because precious stones were closely associated with the gods, they had the power to heal and influence destiny.

  • SPECS:
  • 18c Yellow Gold
  • Australian natural yellow sapphire trilliant cut, 2carat.
  • Hand made and finished in Australia. 





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