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The unisex FOSSUS pendant chain has been created with an organic oval shaped centerpiece. An exaggerated opening above the pendant allows the chain to move freely and fall nicely down to the chest. A smooth, chic finish on one side and a partially blackened, textured section on the other side means sides can be changed to suit a particular look.


SIZE: Total length is 70cms (one size fits all). It's designed to be worn long, however you can easily adjust the look with the clasp to any link, to give the chain a tighter feel.


OUR VISION: The pendant chain has been designed so you can have a clean pairing or a textured one. Depending on your other choice of jewellery. Match the rain collection for best results.

INSPIRATION : The remains of soil, amber, bones & shell of past life. Preserved in a oval rock formation and solidified to create a fossil. Fossus (the latin word), which means 'dug up' resembling underground treasure.

MATERIAL: Sterling Silver 925


The FOSSUS pendant is designed to sit at the mid chest. If your wanting a tighter look you can easily adjust the clasp on the chain for your desired look!


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